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Clinomyn has held a place in many household bathrooms across Europe for over 40 years. As the trusted toothpaste brand of smokers, Clinomyn is perfect for people who demand a hardworking toothpaste that is effective without being harsh on their teeth.

Clinomyn is very effective in restoring a natural and whiter smile in just 14 days*. Clinomyn is a clinically proven stain removal formula that removes discolouration and stains caused by tobacco, coffee and wine using a unique cleaning system containing Polynam. It also contains fluoride to prevent caries and plaque and a refreshing mint flavour for fresh breath.

We’re sure that after using Clinomyn your teeth will feel smooth, shiny and whiter. There’s nothing better to smile about than that.

*consumer test on 112 smokers, 71% experienced whiter teeth in 14 days or less

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Approved by the British Dental Health Foundation